Chirac SchröderI’ve been trying to work out what my answer to that question should be for some months now, and attending the United Seminar of JEF in Norway [my blog entry, pics from JEF-Sweden’s blog] a few weeks ago helped me to clarify some of my thoughts, now summarised in this article I’ve written for Le Taurillon. I’m not sure all of what I think on that is coherent, or actually so desirable, but what can we manage to achieve presently? Anyway, let me know what your impressions are. Oh, and I don’t think Social Europe need mean Chirac and Schöder hugging – I just throught the picture was amusing.


  1. Fabien_JE-France

    Hello John !

    The translation of your article about the social Europe is on the frensh Taurillon !

    I think we got a problem in France to understand why social Europe is not possible for the moment : we don’t have any idea about what is the reality in other country of Europe.

    Perhaps we still think that we are the center of the world since the frensh Revolution in 1789. ;-))

    Thanks a lot for your article again !

    Best europeans regards,


  2. Hi Jon,
    I thought this article from Le Monde on the same topic might interest you.

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