Fish and Diver - CC / Flickr
Fish and Diver – CC / Flickr

At 0727 on 10th September an Intercity Express will depart from Gare du Midi, Brussels. Via Düsseldorf Airport I will end up later in the day in the 35ºC sunshine of Egypt, ready for a week of diving in Dahab. From there it’s to Berlin for the inline skate marathon, to London for 3 days of training, then back to Berlin (and Pinneberg) to see how an election works in Germany. It’s one of the oddest journeys I have ever undertaken (how do you pack for diving, skating, training and watching an election?) but I can’t wait. I’ll post observations of the trip here whenever I can, and normal service on the blog will resume at the start of October when I return.

If you’re going to be at one of the places along the trip, drop me a line (or cheer me on from the side the streets in Berlin?)  If you’re a client then my UK mobile is the most reliable way to reach me.


  1. Amazing trip. Actually, we’re waiting for more pictures of your trip.

    Read you again in October, with a new smile and tan 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fantastic trip! You deserve it. Have fun and come back with tons of energy.

  3. Have a good trip, happy diving and enjoy your holidays!

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