Yet more EU politics reflections via Twitter today – I saw this from Janez Potočnik, Environment Commissioner:

The link leads through to a speech he gave in Athens today – full text here.

The key message – that the worst of the financial crisis is over for Greece and now is the time to focus once more on environmental matters – is fair enough, but my problem is with the framing of the title of the speech. I had to read it a couple of times before I understood the point. Not for the first time in an EU comms matter, the framing is all wrong – it’s the words ‘put the environment in the back seat’ that stick in mind, while Potočnik actually wants us to do the opposite.

Anyway, to give Potočnik his due he (or one of his staff) replied to my tweet to him, and as a result I’m going to send him a copy of George Lakoff’s excellent Don’t Think of an Elephant.

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