The usual symbol for an embassy on Google Maps is a flag, yet the Embassy of Iceland to the UK is represented by… a shopping trolley. You can see the contrast in the screenshot to the right, and see it on Google Maps here.

Is Google passing a judgement on the Icelandic economy, that the country and its embassy are up for sale?


  1. A mix up with the Iceland frozen food chain, perhaps?

  2. Thats why mum’s go to Iceland!

  3. Optymystic

    In the Google Maps Widget in my igoogle, the default map segment has the text White Stadt appearing over the approximate location of the BBC television centre and Loftus Road. Quite why White City Estate has been rendered into German at all is not obvious, neither am I convinced that it is the obvious translation or that it is a feature one would normally note on the map, but there it is.

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