When EU institutional comms are not up to scratch I say so – see posts about the EEAS, Citzalia and the Citizens’ Initiative for example. So it’s only fair, in return, when I see a good example of what the European Union is doing to give some credit where credit’s due.

I was hence very happy to see how the European Union Naval Force Somalia – Operation ATALANTA is presented on the web. The site has an engaging, news style design, and the homepage makes good use of photos and even some video. There’s a tag cloud, RSS, and the option to share each article on social networks, and it’s possible to comment directly on articles. Plus the whole thing is built on WordPress.

I am in no position to politically judge whether this mission is working well or not (more about it on Wikipedia here), but at least they are managing to cover the basics well and draw together the news of what they are doing in a contemporary and reasonably interesting manner.

I’m sure my critics will say, well, yes, this is just a small mission. Perhaps. But it’s also a sensitive matter, and they are making a good effort in their external communications, an effort the rest of the EU institutions would do well to learn from.


  1. It pains me to say it, but yes I agree, a good site that at least tries to engage in the whole t’interweb experience.

    And Alejandro, that I suspect is merely happenstance…
    However I spoke to the EUNAVFOR press office and they tell me the website is run by

    So maybe you have a point

  2. Alejandro

    Jon – do you think that there is a relation between the quality of the EUNavfor site and the fact that its HQ are in UK?

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