Journalist Award screenshot

I received a kind e-mail from the folks running the European Young Journalist Award asking me whether I might mention the award on this site, and indeed whether I would like to enter. Clearly the folks there have not really had a look at the rants I’ve been writing about Britain’s relationship with the EU – those pieces are not really contenders. More seriously though, are there any contributions from the Euro-blogosphere that would merit consideration for the award? No posts immediately spring to mind – I’m reading blogs more for their political content than their grasp of language. Further, if you’re a budding online journalist are you going to bother blogging yourself as opposed to profiling yourself within a site such as Café Babel?

For more tech-minded readers: the award site is one of the smartest I’ve seen recently that used my favourite Content Management System, Typo3 (good to see the Commission using an Open Source CMS too…). So check out the site for the design if nothing else.

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