Since the 2009 European Election I’ve kept an eye and an ear open for what MEP Marta Andreasen will do in UKIP’s delegation. Today I seem to have my answer – she’s willing to be just as stupid and poisonous as the rest of them.

The issue at stake is a complex one. As The Parliament reports, the European Commission breached the copyright of machine translation software made by Systran SA, and was – rightly – sued for copyright breaches. Budgets Committee of the EP has just voted to approve the €12 million damages payment, with only one MEP – Andreasen – voting against paying the damages.

If the ball were in the other court – that Andreasen were an accountant for Systran, or the firm were based in the south east of the UK rather than France – you  would bet she would be kicking up all kinds of fuss about this, demanding the EU treats companies fairly.

The issue is of course an enormous cock up, and embarrassing to the Commission. But to get to the bottom of where the problem really lies would require time and effort, and cooperation with Commission staff. And we know where that ended up last time she tried.

So well done Marta. Make a populist and impractical statement, poisonous in nature. Suppose it was inevitable, you’re a UKIP MEP after all.


  1. Gillig

    @Jon Worth .
    I know it’s creepy,but I have spent two years watching the Official Raving Looney Party, waiting for them to say something sensible.
    If I catch them out, how would you reccomend I expose them?
    I wouldn’t like to insult people, calling them stupid and poisonous.
    It’s so helpful to have a noble cause like us, I find it so difficult to understand the grown ups when they discuss;
    “At a cost of £48Million a day I would state there is no justification for the damage the EU does and the total lack of meaningfull democracy.”
    and stuff.
    Must get back under my stone now, before the slime dries.
    Keep watching !

  2. Hi,

    perhaps you can explain why you seemingly misled us with your extract when Marta Andreasen is quoted as saying:
    “The commission should hang its head in shame.

    “They are burdening EU taxpayers with €12m because of gross ineptitude. What’s more they are using shotgun tactics on the committee by threatening that the European court judgment is irrevocable and late payment would carry interest charges.

    “Not content with trying to regulate every aspect of our lives, the commission and parliament now want the general public to pay for their multi-million cock-ups. This is an absolute disgrace.”

    It was £200Million the other day for dishonest imposition of EU diktat in direct opposition to the WTO over banana curvature!

    Just what use IS the EU?

    At a cost of £48Million a day I would state there is no justification for the damage it does and the total lack of meaningfull democracy.

    Their arrogance and hubris repeatedly leaves the tax payers unfortunate enough to live in the vassal states paying for EU corruption and incompetence.

    May I ask why I am expected to pay for MEPs, staff and families to have hair removal, breast reductions and viagra when they fail to pay for cancer drugs for all who need them?


    PS – I make no brief for the Spanish MEP Marta Andreasen and am glad to distance myself as British from the woman who is a liar, a cheat and indubitably dishonest.

    More weasel than whistle blower!

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