In response to this story – that Republic’s “not the royal wedding” party has been prevented from taking place (Guardian story here), I mailed the representatives of Camden Council responsible for these matters earlier today. The e-mail I received back – on behalf of Labour Councillor Sue Vincent – is reproduced in full below.

The choice line is “Partly because it’s so close to the anarchic behaviour of the cuts march” – oh come on! Those opposed to the monarchy are likely to be violent?

Anyway, here’s the statement in full.

Sent on behalf of Councillor Sue Vincent, Cabinet Member for Environment

Thank you for your email regarding the “not the royal wedding” event in Earlham Street.  I am sorry but having talked to Graham Smith and your neighbours over the weekend, the local residents just don’t want the event on their doorstep – particularly the many families who live on Earlham Street and neighbouring Neal Street, Mercer Street and Short’s Gardens in the Seven Dials area.

Partly because it’s so close to the anarchic behaviour of the cuts march, and residents here bore some brunt of the bad behaviour and they are concerned rightly or wrongly, that this event could attract people who wish take advantage of the cover of this event.

Some residents mentioned that one of the great things about Bank Holidays is that Covent Garden is a little quieter and neighbours get the chance to meet and greet each other in the street, being one of the many villages in London.  I am sure people can understand and respect local people’s views on this.

Council officers have considered alternative locations within the borough which may be suitable for use where the impact on local people would be less intrusive Lincolns Inn Fields has been suggested as an alternative venue which Republic could make an application to use. The offer to use this site has however been declined.


Councillor Sue Vincent


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  1. Aww poor posh people who get all the other privileges of living in the centre don’t WANT something that involves people of all areas coming together in the centre of London, you know, what the centre of London is actually all about? Tough titty, folks, you have the other three-hundred-and whatever days of the year to enjoy your privileges. Oh, and if it’s not good enough – move out to somewhere quiet – like the countryside, not the very centre of a city of 8 million.

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