At Bloggingportal we came up with the idea of having a laugh at the expense of our esteemed President, Jose Manuel Barroso with his “State of the European Union” speech by playing bullshit bingo.

The entire speech is now available here, and the Wordle for it looks like this:

Barroso also proposed a letter to MEPs has been made public. Follow this line for a Wordle cloud of the words from the letter.

[Note: post updated with a new Wordle since first being published]


  1. You can clearly read : “Europe need economic growth”… That is not bullshit at all.

  2. robert

    Isn’t it the case that it doesn’t matter what Barroso says, given that you have so convinced yourself that he’s the worst Commission President ever? I don’t think anyone would expect an unbiased analysis.

  3. How I love wordle. It is so instructive to look at the differences between the speech and letter clouds. Commission pops…

  4. :-/ “Citizens” are so tiny compared to “Commission” …

  5. Damn, I didn’t get a full house

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