For the first time in ages, Facebook has me hooked on a new feature – the ‘Cover’ image (the large image at the top) in the new profile timeline. If you don’t know what I am on about, see this and this for how to enable it.

OK, this ‘Cover’ image is just an image. But for the first time ever as a user of Facebook you have the ability to create a real visual identity for your profile, and whatever you think of the concept of the timeline, the visual design is neat.

I’ve started to use the ‘Cover’ image as a means of telling friends where I am (pictures so far have been of Ljubljana, Brussels and London), something that I also do via Dopplr. Surely then there is a little automation opportunity here? Use either location from Dopplr, or from Facebook Places, and automatically pull in a Creative Commons Licensed image from Flickr of that city – a stunning picture of the city where you are right now.

Anyone fancy having a go at making it work using the relevant APIs?

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