After lots of tweets and e-mails exchanged it seemed best to summarise everything in a blog post…

I’m going to be in Brussels for 48 hours 25th-27th November, and as I haven’t been in the city for a while it seemed like a good idea to catch up with all these folks I’ve been debating EU politics with on Twitter and on this blog for the past few months. So you’re very welcome, no RSVP needed, to come along to:

Café des épices
Place Jourdan 21 [map]

From 1830 or so on Monday 26th November. DM me on Twitter if you can’t find us. We’ll probably be the ones all armed with smartphones AND beers. If we’re really lucky we might even get a visit from Captain Europe.

[Thanks @annelaumen for the suggestion for the location]


  1. AnneCbxl

    Sorry Jon, can’t make it after all. Next time.

  2. Nicholas Whyte

    Will hope to come along.

  3. AnneCbxl

    Me too, a pity our friend James from the Google+ EU page only arrives Tuesday.

  4. Ron (Polscieu)

    I’ll try to be there.

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