Following on from Simon’s post about the Australian government using WordPress for a blogging platform, here are a couple more examples:

Add to this the EU Navfor site I blogged about earlier, 3 UK departments now use WordPress: Defra, Number 10 and the Wales Office.

So what sorts of governmental sites can you not build with WordPress these days?


  1. @Florian – read the last line of the post.

  2. Hi!
    Can you tell me the plugin you use for including those tweets in your blog?
    Kind regards,

  3. Gorm Eriksen

    Hi Jon, here are some more examples of gov WP sites in Norway: – a legislate hearing for the future of the health care – goal was to initiate discussion in social media related to work. Was a great door opener for the ministries – open gov data – improvement of quality for web sites

    There are also many other good examples.

    In short, Gov <3 WP.

  4. Two more Norwegian governmental sites built on WordPress, both of them sort of citizens’ hearing sites.
    (several ministries)

    (Ministry of health and care services)

  5. Me saying something is Drupal and praising it? No, hell no, I’m not ever going to say that. I’ve previously said they are WordPress.

  6. Simon Blackley

    Wait a minute, I thought you said DEFRA etc. were Drupal?

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