MirandaI was relieved to see that 2 of the 4 charges under the Representation of the People Act 1983 against my good friend Miranda Grell have been dropped today. The case has been adjourned, and the final verdict will be delivered after closing statements on Friday next week (21st September). The most comprehensive coverage of the case comes from the local Waltham Forest Guardian. Black Information Link also has a reasonable breakdown. As I’ve stated before, I reckon all of this is really spurious, and that the Lib Dem in question is just damned annoyed that he was defeated. Let’s see what happens on Friday, but I’m confident that it will be Ming Campbell and the Waltham Forest Lib Dems that will have some tough questions to answer.

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  1. Mark Senior

    GUILTY and a good thing to . This sort of dirty campaigning must be stopped .

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