LordiOK, I’ve done some damned cool things with technology in the past, but this evening must more or less beat it. I am currently sat at a table in a hall in Ocquier, a village in rural Wallonia, somewhere south of Namur. I’m here DJing for Kat and Charles’s wedding, two friends from the College of Europe. And as I was the DJ of the parties at the College, so I have been invited along this evening.

Yet 20th May 2006 is also an important day in a European’s cultural calendar: it’s Eurovision song contest day! And here I am in rural Belgium… But there is a W-LAN in the place I’m DJing, and that gave me a thought.

I bought an hour of W-Lan access, went online just after midnight to check the results (confirmed by Helena by SMS from Sweden) – turned out the Finnish heavy rockers Lordi were victorious. I managed to get the song online within 5 minutes thanks to the BBC website, then had the song in my mix straight away, much to the dancers’ surprise.

Then of course it was worth writing about this, so here’s the blog entry… and while ‘Simarik’ by Tarkan is playing at 00.33.


  1. Amazing! I always find myself too busy working the crowd, keeping attention on the mood and organizing what’s coming up next in the wedding (as well as the music) to have time to download and blog at the same time. Hats off to you!

  2. I somehow knew you would have done this…

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