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The lists above are screenshots today from Wiki-Watch. The idea of the comparison comes from a presentation made yesterday by Wolfgang Stock at an event organised by Netzwerk-EBD entitled “Europapolitische Kommunikation im Web 2.0 – Strategie und Praxis für Interessengruppen und Institutionen“. I was also a speaker, and you can download my slides here.

But back to Stock’s Top 10s. The lists above show the most read articles over the last month in the English language Wikipedia in comparison with the German version. Only two of the top 10 in German do not concern Japan and the earthquake there, while those issues account for only 2 of the 10 in English, and the English list is notably headed by two dead celebrities.

Of course English covers an international audience, with the German language is going to be more narrowly focused on DE-CH-A, but the comparison was interesting nevertheless.

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