I’m not in a position to judge the quality of their music, or indeed the quality of any music in the Eurovision Song Contest to be quite honest. But facing a series of political, democratic and economic difficulties succinctly outlined by Leigh Phillips, there’s only one act to vote for on 10th (semi final 1) and 14th May – Portugal’s Homens da Luta (The Men of the Struggle) and their song A luta é alegria (The struggle is joy).

Send a signal that European politics is going the wrong way, give Portugal something to cheer, and send a few thousand extra tourists to Lisbon in 2012!



  1. ElTopo

    Actually, the acts of “Homens da Luta” are a parody of the communist and left wing movements here in Portugal.
    They are known for their TV sketches where they ridicule these protests, where they demand fair wages, a fair society, tax the rich, human rights, blah blah;
    but then, after the march, they talk about how they love to have a nice paying job where they don’t do any work, how they will buy the latest luxury car, how they’ll suck more money out of the government for their own benefit.
    Very realistic really, and a hint on why some people continue to contribute for the Portuguese economic downfall.

  2. Nelson from Portugal

    For instance, many people don’t remember that Finns won the Eurovision in 2006 with this “strange” music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh3hj9-J76Y&feature=youtu.be

    The lirics of the portuguese song are quite diferent, it talks about mind revolutions, and what we know by the portuguese media, is that Homens da Luta , want to coloborate with other european bamds/musicians so they can make a European Music Festival at many capitals of Europe in a scpecific day – with one cause : Solidariety, messages of equal rights and anti-unemployment rules , fair wages , and in resume: human dignity rights!!

    Jel, and the comrade (guitarrist) the singer of the band , knows what is struggle in the streets , They were arrested more than 20 times here in Portugal.
    Some videos here:
    tehre are more!!..

  3. Nelson from Portugal

    You are completely right , comrade! 😉 For instance i had “tarvelling” by your amazing site , and it has amazing aqrticles. keep working on that! `*cheers from Portugal!

  4. Tretas

    Join the event Vote in Homens da Luta:

  5. What a good and positive way of sharing a message! I hope they succeed.

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