The EU has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But who should collect it? Have a go at the quick poll below, and if you have other suggestions leave them in the comments!

Who should collect the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the EU?

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  1. Alpasi

    27 kids representing the 27 countries

  2. Definitely Barroso, Schulz and van Rompuy. Why? Because they combine the three successful elements (past, present and future) of the European idea. Read more:

    Ridiculous debate about the Nobel Peace Prize for the EU – who shall go?

  3. Ellis Palmer

    I think that Guy Verhofstadt, President of the Alliance of Liberal Democrats should go and pick it up although this may be because he’s a Eurofederalist (I am too)!!

  4. Thierry

    What about a delegation with Rompuy + Schultz, flanked by some of the eldest European statesmen like Helmut Kohl ?
    Like others have pointed, the EU is not “one”, but “many” cooperating

  5. doubt the EU will be able to select 1 anonymous European. 27 anonymous Europeans might be easier 😉

  6. Dragan Barbutovski

    I think we should make a lottery selection of one person in the EU-even though I like the idea of the oldest person living in the EU (even though this might have an implication if his/her health does not allow the travel).

    In any case, it cannot be a representative of any EU institutions – the award was given to the people of the EU, not some media-obsessed president with an inflated ego 🙂

  7. Seriously, I suppose it will be Barroso, and if we don’t like that, we shouldn’t have made the EPP the strongest group in the last European Parliament elections. Anyway, if Van Rompuy goes, Martin Schulz should also be there… the EU is much more than just the European Council!

  8. Daniel

    Any European citizen can be the correct choice as the award is for 500 millions people who are leaving peacefully in the same part of the world.

  9. Yannis Dimitriou

    A spouse or relative of one of 3,500 Greek citizens who committed suicide in the past 3 years in the face unbearable economic hardship. The prize should be divided equally among the families of the deceased.

  10. What about Farage and Van Rompuy going together ? That would be nice.

  11. Gnossian

    Citizens from the 27 member state is a great idea, else, the head of EP (elected by citizens across all the EU) sounds good to me.

    Nigel Farage would be hillarious.

  12. Eva Kaluzynska

    Teenager from one of the ‘new’ member states — have a competition eg essay about what the EU means to them

  13. The President and then donate it to charity – something for the future of Europe e.g. a children’s education charity.

  14. How about the oldest living person in Europe? People who have lived through the wars and know what it was like before 60 years of peace?

  15. Can we have a multiple choice option, pls…

  16. @Ciarán – it’s 10 December. So still Cyprus! 🙂

  17. Guillermo Beltra

    Definitely not someone that has not been directly elected by European citizens… an Anonymous European sounds about right. The problem is how is that person chosen 🙂

  18. You should at least include an option that reflects the holder of the EU Presidency, which will be Lithuania at the time of the ceremony.

  19. It has also been suggested on Twitter that it should be citizens from 27 EU Member States. Quite a neat idea, but I don’t quite know how to fit that into the poll now as more than 100 have already voted!

  20. No, no multiple choices allowed… 🙂

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