I’m still on holiday in Egypt and a Labour friend of mine just sent me a text message informing me that Dizzy Thinks claims to have some sort of an exclusive linking Harriet Harman to June’s about coup against Gordon Brown – via me! What a load of complete and utter crap.

Let me set the record straight.

  1. I have had no contact with Harriet or her staff for many months and do not even do website work for Harriet any more, and I have never ever had any contact with David Miliband or any of his people.
  2. I think about 4 friends knew I had registered the domain, and for sure no-one anywhere close to any MP or leadership candidate had any clue about its existence. To be quite honest I have not even thought about it for months.
  3. I do own the domain name – miliband4leader.org – and there is a simple WordPress installation running there. As Dizzy well knows that represents about 1 hour of time investment. I chose to register the domain myself, just as I own dozens of domain names associated with all the major UK political parties. It looked like there might be a leadership election – why not register something? If Dizzy wants to search deeper he might find a few interesting Tory-related domain names I also own.
  4. A bunch of the sites I work on run on a 1&1 VPS and the Miliband domain is on that server, as is this blog, some sites for Labour people, some sites for universities. Big deal.

So it all sounds like a nice story for Dizzy, putting 2 and 2 together to get 10, but there’s not the remotest inkling of any truth to link Harman to Miliband via my website work.

(NOTE: this story also appeared in The Telegraph, although they never spoke to me before publishing it)


  1. 2+2=10 in base 4

  2. Congratulations. You must be the last person in Britain to have a ‘Labour friend’. What’s he like? Does he speak English? Do they eat babies? Does he take medication?


    2 + 2 DOES = 10 in a 3-bit number base.

    As anyone who truly understands computers and modern technology will tell you there are only 10 kinds blogger. Those who understand computers and those who don’t.

  3. Fair enough Jon – I agree that Dizzy’s attempt to link Harman to this via you was stretching a point. But seriously what is the point of registering domain names such as miliband4leader if you are not actually involved in Miliband’s campaign for the leadership? It’s called wanking isnt it?

  4. Henry Crun

    Jon, I really think you need to go back to Dizzy’s website and re-read what he wrote. He is merely postulating and hasn’t claimed any sort of scoop. As for owning Miliband4leader.org, well there’s a wasted investment if ever there was one.

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