So that’s it. Today is the last day my Young Persons Railcard is valid (yes, they don’t know how to use apostrophes). Purchased the day before my 26th birthday last year, today marks the final day of more than 8 years of buying these cards giving me 1/3 off rail fares across the UK. Numerous journeys between Newport and Oxford, Newport and Cardiff, and Newport and London have been possible thanks to the card. It’s taken me as far as Edinburgh in the dark days after the Hatfield rail disaster, and to Birmingham on a Pendolino. But save from writing a PhD that would make me a full time student once more and hence allow me to re-qualify, that’s it… As a traveller on UK railways I am no longer young.


  1. Go Jon! For sure there is more to celebrate…As ever, you can buy a car:)

  2. I know, I’m lamenting the expiry of my Carte 12-25 for the same reason (works on the same principle except that it gives you up to 50% off). And being a full-time student in France is no help. The idea of mature students / life-long learning has clearly never caught on here, more’s the pity. But happy birthday nevertheless!

  3. Justin

    Ah, old age (!) catches up with all of us in the end. Happy birthday for tomorrow. See you on Saturday for a drink

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