No, despite the title I have not suddenly become a eurosceptic wanting to walk over the EU. This is far more literal. On the way to Stockwell underground station today – the first time I have walked that way for more than a week – I came across the most bizarre way to publicise the EU: paving stones on the pavement close to the tube station with EU stars on them! Turns out that the pavement was part paid for by Urban II European Funding according to this edition of the Stockwell area newsletter [PDF]. I’m not sure that the EU really should be investing in pavements in South London, but give them their due, the idea of EU stars on the pavement is innovative! I thought the opportunity to blog about this was too good to miss – it even managed to demonstrate both my EU-geek and computer-geek credentials! So I took a picture of one of the stones with my camera phone, sent it by MMS to my e-mail account, and uploaded it here…


  1. yes Jon, you are a geek, but we love you anyway! 🙂
    I was thinking that this is actually quite an easy and fast night action… if we would be still young…
    seriously, this is the typical small thing that general public remembers and stays in the memory at least as long as it stays on the pavement.

  2. Daniela

    I think it’s a really good idea! But it can only work in a civilised coutry … in Malta it would be targetted by vandals in the first 24 hours!

  3. I think this is a brilliant idea, and more so if it get right up the noses of the eurosceptics…

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