Big Brother PhoneI’ve been receiving sinister automated messages on my voicemail for the last few days requesting that I call Westcot Credit Services. I first checked with Vodafone, my network provider, to find out what’s up. I was assured I had no outstanding bills, a fact confirmed by the direct debit payments leaving my bank account, and they saw nothing wrong. So I called Westcot (avoiding the 0870 number).

It turns out they were trying to track down someone who had previously been resident at Flat A, 8 Villa Street, and the name they stated was not even the person who lived here prior to me. But why the messages to me? How has Westcot managed to get my mobile number from Vodafone? It’s ex-directory, and anyway, surely checking a name against an address should be an elementary starting point? So I’m not waiting for the bailiffs, but it feels like I am being watched.

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