Do we have transparency in European politics? Can every citizen have an active influence on the EU decision-making process? How is broad political awareness reflected in the media? These are some of the key questions of the rE:Unite track at this years re:publica. The conference focuses on bringing together European bloggers, strengthening the scene and networking key European actors.

At this round table, hosted by Jonathan Marks, expert in traditional media and blogging alike, the role of bloggers and net-activists in the European public sphere will be discussed with the blogging politician Rick Falkvinge, Euroblogger Jon Worth, Christian Mihr, expert for eastern Europe and executive director of the german section of Reporters without Borders and Prof. Alessandra Poggiani — a lecturer of Digital communication and economy — who is convinced we have to build Europe to overcome the crisis and this might be helped through the net.

What are the challenges in creating the European Citizenship?
How can political blogging and concrete projects to educate citizens contribute to forming a new, informed European public?
How can we help building Europe through the Net?

In cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung)

Sprecher: Rick Falkvinge, Jonathan Marks, Alessandra Poggiani, Jon Worth, Christian Mihr

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