ff-eats-ieI am completely, totally and utterly sick of Internet Explorer 6 for PC. And I am not even a PC user or an IE6 user. No, I am a web designer, and it takes me so long to make sure my sites look OK on IE6 with its outdated Microsoft proprietary technology that doesn’t respect the rules. CSS messes up; Bill Gates can even manage to double the size of margins and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff.

So it was with joy that I read that a bunch of Norwegian sites are taking the challenge to IE6 (a browser that after all dates from 2001) and are making a concerted effort to get people to upgrade. There is also a Facebook Group and you can follow the hash tag on Twitter.

So if you see a very large, gruesome and ugly warning message at the top of every page of this blog then you’re using IE6 and you really should upgrade. Get a free copy of Firefox or Safari; your web experience will be faster and more pleasant and you’ll never look back!

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  1. Peter Beckett

    Hear hear. Power to the opensource community.

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