OK, so you have a computer (well, you would not be reading this if you didn’t), and you want an excellent and cheap hi-fi setup. How do you do it? My answer was to purchase some JBL Creature speakers in the January sales for £35 at Comet, and add a Genus DU1 DAB digital radio, purchased for £29 (£37 inc. P&P) from Epicentre Trading at eBay. Add that to the MP3s on my laptop and I have an excellent hi-fi setup – much better than the £300 Aiwa Hi-Fi I had previously.


  1. No, none at all. If I think the service was good, I’ll just put the links there.

  2. Are you getting referrals for these nerdy links?????????

  3. Hey! The 500Gb disk was added afterwards… And the monitor is still being repaired!

    I also like the Blog DJ as nerdiness – see http://www.jonworth.eu/?p=240

    The story about the airport filming is:

  4. Jeremy, it could have been worse.He didn’t mention the external harddrive with 500GB of songs and he of course would not go on to develop on the 19″ wide LCD that he plugs into the laptop in order to get a wider view…Then the bluetooth mouse and probably the skype headset to make cheap calls.

    My favourite is still sending his speech filmed on an airport (due to a flight delay) with a Sony-Ericsson mobile via a WiFi spot to the organiser in Germany…:) That was nerdy.

  5. Agh, come on. This is not very nerdy by my standards!!!

  6. Jon, I like you a lot. But you are a nerd. Really. Meant affectionately, you know.

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