1. @wg – as for all of that unity in diversity – if you believe in that then you also should be OK with me having a go at the pope.

    I’ve never believed in your Orwellian claptrap. It’s all just slogans – you know – “all animals are equal, some are more equal than others”

    Unity in Diversity is just another Goebbels-like mantra to go with the rest of the garbage made up to intimidate the ordinary people. Corporatist nonsense for simple fools.

  2. Oh, come on, you take yourselves *far* too seriously. Of course there is not going to be a pope bus campaign. The mockup was my way of expressing the fact that I do not approve of a Labour Prime Minister having invited Ratzinger to the UK. That’s it.

    @wg – as for all of that unity in diversity – if you believe in that then you also should be OK with me having a go at the pope.

  3. Do you really think a bus campaign is going to be effective? How about the tried and proven method of getting rid of unwanted leaders by assassination, maybe Sejanus-style?

    It probably would at least produce some better newsitems as the ones we’re forced to look at recently…

  4. I am amazed at the childishness of this blog. Anybody who encourages people to lead a good life surely has to be applauded.

    Why, for instance, do you not take your bus to the streets of a mainly muslim area with a poster saying “there is probably no Allah, go and have a beer and bacon sandwich”

    Have some respect; isn’t your beloved EU about ‘Unity in Diversity’

  5. You go to far this time, Jon. To deny the Pop’e infallible authority is bad enough, but to deny the Pope’s very existence is a sin against God, nature and Bavaria. Oh, and reason too. You’ll burn in Hell for this Jon, YOU WILL BURN IN HELL. And don’t think that Hell doesn’t exist, Mr Worth, because the Holy Father has pronounced otherwise, and he is a far, far, far greater Catholic theologian than you can ever hope to be!

  6. Well, you can see atheists as tolerant, rational and enlightened free-thinkers, or you can try to mold them into sectarian, anticlerical campaigners.

    Personally, I accept the existence of the Pope as a historical fact, although he and his predecessors have a less than shining record on important issues and in human history.

    The government’s “delight” sounds a tad naive, but why not let the Pope visit his congregations in peace?

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