I don’t care what side of the EU referendum debate you were on. This isn’t about that. This is about how much the referendum matters to you or not. And – importantly – how it seems to not matter to the very people who ran it.

The story of referendum night in the Gove-Vine household recounted in The Guardian is the worst thing I have read in this sorry referendum and, trust me, I have read some pretty awful stuff already. It even surpasses discovering Johnson was happy to go and play cricket rather than deal with the aftermath.

The gist of the story is that Gove went to bed at 2230 on the referendum night, slept soundly, and only was woken by his mobile at 0445 to be told his side had won. “There was a short pause while he put on his glasses,” Vine recounts. “‘Gosh,’ he said. ‘I suppose I had better get up.'” From a political point of view the important line is “David Cameron was not supposed to go. This was not what this referendum was about; that was not why Michael backed leave.”

So let’s get this right. Gove backed Leave as a result of some sort of Conservative power play to make a point, and was so unconcerned about the result that he slept soundly all night.

Really, how the fuck do you think you fucking dare, you complete and utter shit? How dare you take this referendum so incredibly and malevolently lightly?

Whether you were for Remain or for Leave, it was clear to anyone with half an interest in this topic that this was a vital vote. Major for the future of the UK, and the EU.

I cried on referendum night when I crossed where the Berlin Wall used to run on my way home. I know I was not the only one. I was physically shaking when I tried to address members of the Bundestag on the morning of 24th. Friends I know have barely been able to sleep. The pound has crashed, the FTSE is down, firms are diverting investment. People from all kinds of minorities are witnessing rising abuse, violence and racism.

I can’t even begin to get especially angry at Farage. Because he actually cares. At least he believes in what he is arguing for. I may disagree with him, but to him this stuff matters. I think he’s wrong, but, hell he’s been fighting for years for this.

But for Johnson, and especially for Gove it seems, this is just one jolly game. No it fucking well isn’t, Michael. You are fucking with real people’s lives. And that sure as hell is not funny.


  1. Anonymous

    Weird politicians. If I campaigned for any side in a referendum, I’d be very interested in knowing the outcome. David Cameron and Nigel Farage immediately reacted to the referendum outcome, and that’s what I’d expect that any politician would do. If some politicians don’t care about the outcome, then why should the voters believe in what they are saying?

  2. As if I need to say it, if the sorry excuse for politicians on all sides had a gnat’s nadger of your emotional engagement (couldn’t bring myself to say ‘passion’), we’d all be in a better place.

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