The blog has been quiet over the last few days as – once more – I have been trying to nurture a webserver back to life. I don’t know where the thing even is exactly – it’s somewhere in Germany in a 1&1 service centre, and I don’t know if it looks remotely like the picture to illustrate this post. All I know is that the damned server running sites for EBD, EUD, JEF, UEF, YES Campaign etc., has proven to be one hell of a pain to administer over the last couple of months. I get next to no cash for the work, it saps my energy, sanity and mental awareness. But like some evil sort of a drug addiction, I cannot avoid the responsibility to keep the thing running so a load of grumpy users can then send me nasty e-mails. Joy.


  1. Daniela

    to go with what Radostina said…THANK YOU!!! And i promise not to ever send you nasty emails :).

    But seriously, you need to get yourself an apprentice/assistant/squire to help you out in this thing, it’s not fair on you!


  2. This is now the second server! 🙁

    We have contemplated plenty of different options, but what we need for all of these organisations is actually quite complicated – both legally and technically. Hence any options other than having a server to ourselves is not really possible. If we go for normal shared or managed hosting options these present a number of complications, especially when it comes to domain names.

    As for me doing it: well, I do hope that my responsibility will decrease over time. But it’s a service that JEF, UEF etc. badly need.

    Anyway, fingers crossed that things don’t all crash again any time soon!

  3. Yeah! Thanks a lot! But why not simply change the damned server??? The one we use in JEF-France never had the same problems (je touche du bois pour que ça continue comme ça…)

    At some point, you’ll have to give up the whole thing. It just isn’t healthy for organisations such as JEF/UEF… to rely on one single person for those matters. It probably isn’t healthy for you either…

    So, many thanks again!

  4. Radostina

    THANK YOU, JON!!!…I know this probably won’t make up for all the complaints and i doubt it will make you feel better, but we appreciate it. We really do 🙂

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