Queen and £20 note

The Bank of England has issued a new £20 bank note. It’s been controversial as it has Adam Smith on the back side (see the Bank of England website for more). But what struck me when one of the new notes first came out of the cash machine for me yesterday was the front side and the picture of the Queen. Have a look at the pic above – the Queen on the note looks about 30, very different to the now 81 year old monarch. The press is always debating whether we only allow young and beautiful women to be seen on our TV screens and in our newspapers, and here we are with out banknotes portraying eternal youth. Better a wrinkled, old Queen on the notes than an airbrushed young looking one! Better no Queen at all of course – join Republic if you think so too!

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  1. Yes, I noticed that straight away. Personally I’d prefer Helen Mirren on my £20 notes.

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