I wrote about my first experiences of the NHS in Lambeth / Clapham in a post a little while ago. Referral to the minor surgery clinic in Grantham Road, Stockwell, took a little more than a week to sort out, and getting the appointment made was very swift.

This has however meant that I am heading away from London today with some stitches in my head after the removal of a benign cyst, removal of which seemed to pose more problems than the doctor had hoped. Fingers crossed that the scar as a result will not end up being more ugly than the lump that was removed… But the surgery staff we reassuring, and top marks for the speed of getting everything processed.

However, the NHS has released its Star Ratings for trusts – Lambeth PCT went down from 2 to 1 star over the last year. I wonder what a 3 star trust is like after my good experience with a 1 star trust? You can check out the ratings here.

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