Baggage Truck - CC / Flickr
Baggage Truck - CC / Flickr

I was due to fly today from Liège to Pristina with BelleAir, and Italian cheap airline. Why is such a company flying from Liège to Pristina I asked myself? And will it work? Well the answer to that is that it doesn’t. I’m writing this from Brussels as the flight was cancelled and there is no other one until Sunday.

But the airline was not at fault… Liège Airport is huge, it’s mostly a freight airport, so there was one solitary BelleAir BAe146 parked on the acres of white concrete apron in front of the passenger terminal. And there was one small truck that pulls the baggage trolleys… and that solitary truck managed to crash into the solitary plane, and make a hole in the aluminum of the body – so our plane was going nowhere! It must be one of the most idiotic reasons for a plane to be delayed, especially from an airport so empty.

The story has a rather odd Twitter-twist to it this evening: the incident was picked up by a Twitterer @PlaneCrash – must be the most uneventful ‘crash’ they have ever heard of! Anyway, enough of Liège for now… I’m off to Pristina with Adria tomorrow, via Ljubljana.

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  1. Jon, I took Bellair from Trieste to Tirana and it worked perfectly:) They’re a very decent company actually. And I’m glad they offer flights to my favourite parts of Europe:)

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