EPP StayI wrote a little while ago about the efforts of the Bruges Group to force the Tory MEPs to quit the EPP-ED group in the European Parliament – read that detailed post here. I am quite amused today to discover that a blog has been launched to defend the other side of the argument – that the Tory MEPs should stay in the EPP-ED group. Perhaps even more amusing is that the blog links to the YES Campaign website of the European Movement, implying that those staying in the EPP-ED are also in favour of the European Constitution(?) Also, from a personal point of view, I designed that YES Campaign logo – probably the first time some of my graphic design work has appeared on a Tory website!

[Update: 12.06.06] Peter Preston has written a column about the problems facing the Tories in today’s Guardian – read it here.

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  1. Robert

    Reading that website was frightening – Tories sounding normal and making sensible suggestions!

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