The Transport White Paper is coming to save us! Look kids, out of the window a stream of paper is going to deliver modern transport for you by 2050!

Please, please can someone tell me why the European Commission spends cash on this? The video is well produced, clearly expensive, but what’s the point? I’m an EU nerd and come across it and it tells me nothing new. It’s not even on Youtube as far as I can tell, so hence it’s not going to get a major audience (hell – even on Youtube it wouldn’t!) The question is what else could have been done with this cash… some blogger outreach about the White Paper for example? Would surely have been cheaper.

UPDATE – seems Letters from Europe beat me to it with a critique of this! Mathew Lowry also has some more odd uses of EU comms cash.


  1. Cheers for the link. A very embarrassing video. Like much of the EU’s PR, sadly (will be blogging on Oettinger’s tragic-epic “fridge race” soon, exactly what it sounds like).

  2. If you’re around, you might want to tell the Transport DG Ruete in person at our Centre event next week:

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