Ballot BoxStep by step people are waking up to the potential of expat voters in elections, or at least realising that the formalities of organising elections need to be improved. According to EUObserver, the European Commission is looking at the issues around getting nationals of other EU states to run, and to avoid the bureaucratic hurdles that prevent this at the moment. I’m particularly glad to see that the Commission is looking at the prohibition on party membership for other EU nationals in 7 states, an issue that I came across at the PES Congress. Last but not least, the work we are doing in LME-LSE in light of our Polish Voter event fits in with all of this very neatly.


  1. 🙂 Good to know… I’m not really planning on joining a bunch of different parties, and I do presently live in Britain and have British nationality.

    I would just be content to know that I can move to any EU country and enjoy the same political rights. It’s so silly that I have the same rights to work across the EU, but not the same political rights.

  2. Will Parbury

    I think you can become a member of the irish labour party. I certainly got a leaflet to that effect at conference in Manchester.

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