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Orwell Prize ego-trip

Having seen that Phil at A Very Public Sociologist has thrown his hat into the ring for The Orwell Prize 2011 for bloggers, I’ve decided to do the same – it’s a self-nominating prize. Info here. I’ve been at this blogging lark for more than 5 years now and maybe […]

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Twitter: the new new mainstream

A Very Public Sociologist has completed a second annual survey of the number of Twitter followers of people who also write political blogs in the UK. I finished up 34th on this list last year, now I’m down to 61st. Other people who blog alongside their main non-media day job […]

Technology, UK Politics

Blogging: the new mainstream

There have been a couple of watershed moments in UK online politics in the last few weeks, notably the reaction to the Wikileaks cables and the decision of a number of well known British political bloggers to stop blogging, importantly┬áIain Dale and Tom Harris. These developments are related and show, […]


What’s the point of a blogroll?

Now I’m back living in the UK there’s going to be more UK politics posts on this blog. Hell, it’s not as if I’ve ever really left, politically… But in terms of blogging it seems I’ve completely dropped off the radar, at least if blogrolls are anything to go by. […]

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A small milestone – 5 years of the Euroblog

On 19th July 2005 I wrote a small blog entry about my frustrations with Ryanair, and also explained my blogging debut. “Am I too late jumping on the blogging bandwaggon?” I mused at the time. Looking back it for sure was not too late, and indeed many of the top […]

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EU Politics

No pay, no ads – explaining my blogging approach

An interesting debate has broken out in Brussels this week over the declining number of accredited journalists that follow the work of the EU institutions. Charlemagne and Leigh Phillips have differing approaches to the issue, and Julien has a visceral blogging take on these matters. Today on Twitter the debate […]