Tre KronorI normally dislike The Local, the only news service on the internet in English about Sweden. It tends to have a highly cynical, Daily Mail style take on Sweden and the social model – plenty of ex-pats who don’t like Systembolaget having a rant. However, this week they have really excelled with a good article about the Olympics and the effect of sport on immigrant populations – read the article here.

I had a more or less similar experience to the author of the article – I was in Flygbussarna coach on the way to Skavsta airport for the duration of the second period. The bus driver was giving us score updates over the bus PA system, and I even managed to start a conversation with some other passengers about the game… Further, as the UK is useless at winter sports, and I spend so much time in Sweden, then there was sense of happiness at the Swedish victory. When it comes to the soccer this summer things are going to be a bit more complex though… I can’t hope Sweden beat England, but on the other hand an early exit for England would probably limit the number of German towns damaged by British hooligans!

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