Ferry - Train - Kössö

I can’t remember in recent years getting to June and not having any plans for the summer. Anyway, things have now more or less fallen into place for a 2 week trip north with Helena at the end of July / start of August – train to Newcastle, then the ferry to Bergen (via Haugesund and Stavanger) – should be scenic and is better than flying. From Bergen we’ll take the train to Oslo – rated as one of the world’s best rail journeys. After a couple of days seeing friends from Europeisk Ungdom we’ll head south to Göteborg and the island of Köpstadsö (Kössö), and then finally on to Stockholm. Not really a holiday, but I’ll then be at Young Königswinter for a week – travelling by X2000 and Night Train (on a ferry from Trelleborg) to Berlin, which I’ve even managed to book in Swedish on the SJ website. It will be quite an active journey, and you never know what the weather will bring, but I am really longing to get away. Plenty of pics of the scenery will appear on my photoblog along the way!

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