ShowerSo the door to your shower cubicle falls off. What do you do? The answer from our neighbours upstairs: keep showering anyway! Spraying water all over the floor, causing mould, damage to the wooden floor outside their bathroom, and now damp and mould in our bathroom on the floor below. Incredible. Could they not have gone off to the local Brico and bought a cheap shower curtain? The landlord looked perplexed when he spoke to me about the mould in our flat, and was then mad with rage when he looked upstairs. So now we’re going to face a load of wrangling about who does the repairs. Very frustrating, and so completely unnecessary.


  1. Marianne

    Ah, des joies et des peines de la vie bruxelloise… Vive les apparts douillets, même par – 25° dehors… Vous venez tester?

  2. 🙂 I can also post you pictures from our previous flat…I hope you don’t end up in court like us. No worries, you have a fabulous flat!

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