Speak Up Europe

My sincere apologies for the long periods of silence on the blog. I have been working stupidly hard over the last couple of weeks, developing a number of different websites. The first of these – Speak Up Europe – is a Typo3 website on the EBD Euroserver for a Plan D project about the Future of Europe for the European Movement and other related organisations. The site will be live sometime during 23rd November.

There are some more major projects in the pipeline though, so expect the blog to be quiet for a while… 🙁 I’m mad to do this much work!


  1. Agh, it’s not my choice as to what appears on that site and what doesn’t. I’m just the one that gets sent complicated tasks to implement in Typo3.

    I’ll see what I can do to implement some smaller buttons.

  2. Nice job. I like the campaign. The text boxes for the banners are not working though (using Firefox on Windoze).

    Could you make something smaller that can be put on a blog, like the oneseat and greenpeacemac banner you have there? Hate to give you more work, but it would be nice 🙂

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