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The blogging world is a complex and interesting place. Thanks to Technorati, I have today discovered that my blog has been syndicated by the Danish multi-blog site EU Section. Quite a privilege as my posts are there together with syndicated feeds from Dan Jørgensen, Margot Wallström and Ã…sa Westlund. Eric Sundström is also listed there; I suspect he might know Bo Arlind Andresen, the guy running that website. I wonder whether it could become the EU-wide equivalent of Bloggers4Labour? Anyway, I’m happy to get a Danish audience… 🙂

I’ve also stumbled across some interesting analysis of the French election online – especially this article from Siegfried Mortkowitz (dpa German Press Agency) which has an interesting few paragraphs about how Nicolas Sarkozy has missed a trick with internet campaigning. The French Élection 2007 blog gives a good overview of the election campaign news – will be useful reading in the coming few months.

And as for campaigns failing to use the internet… Let’s see what the Labour Party’s impending leadership and deputy leadership campaigns might be able to muster.

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  1. Bo Arlind, Denmark

    Hi Jon,

    You are welcome 🙂

    I also searched Technorati for my former PM Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, and found Your post about the PES congress. Excellent post I might add.

    I have now added icons in English:

    Keep on bloging
    Bo 🙂

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