Oxford StreetBy chance I had half an hour to spare when returning to London from Oxford on Thursday. I left the coach at Marble Arch and wandered along Oxford Street. Much to my surprise, I found that there was no traffic along a whole section. This was actually because the Christmas lights had been turned on a little earlier (story here), although I don’t really give a damn about that. Far more notable was that Oxford Street was actually reasonably pleasant with no traffic (and buses!) along it. Ken Livingstone has talked of how it would be preferable to have a pedestrianised Oxford Street (story here) and debate of the role of the street has been going on for a while (more here). I wonder what could be done to help support these calls for pedestrianisation? Some sort of petition?


  1. Thanks for the support – and suggestion. I’m massively overloaded with work for the moment, but might see what I can do to plan some of this when I’ve got a bit of free time around Christmas.

  2. I think a petition would be a good idea. I’m sure there are many people who would like a traffic free Oxford Street. I think there is a lot of potential because people like shopping, they generally don’t like cars unless they’re driving in them and it’s a tourist spot so the government will care what people think about the area! Have you heard of a site called pledge bank… it might be a good place to start… http://www.pledgebank.com

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