So Mohammed Al Fayed has had his say at the Diana inquest and he stands by his opinion that the car crash was organised by the UK intelligence services at the request of Prince Philip. All kinds of people are part of the stitch up: Tony Blair, Mi5, Mi6, the then British Ambassador to France Sir Michael Jay… The list goes on and on. Now I personally think he’s round the twist to want to even believe in this conspiracy, but people will believe what they wish to believe.

Beyond the crazy beliefs about a conspiracy, ask yourself this: how easy is it to organise one? Damned hard I reckon. You have to line up the people to carry it out, carry out the cover up, get tens of different people in different places to believe the same version of events. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can leak. And all of this comes from British public services known for super-competent administration such as the Revenue & Customs lost discs, the millennium dome, numbers of non-UK workers… Even Mi6 has not been immune from errors – dodgy Iraq dossier anyone? So even if there was some conspiracy, what were the chances it would have worked as effectively as a drunken driver going too fast?

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