Every cloud has a silver lining, and for me personally so it has been with Brexit. In the week a year on from Brexit I toured right across Germany talking to all sorts of audiences, in English and in German, about what Brexit means, why it happened, and what we can all learn from the problems the UK has made for itself. There is still an extraordinary appetite in Germany to try to understand why the British voted the way they did, and how that seems to be at odds with the supposed pragmatic, tolerant and sensible UK that Germans thought they knew.

One of the places I went to on my Brexit tour in June was Leuphana Universität in Lüneburg, and the event worked out so well I am invited back to speak to their freshers in their Opening Week in October. I’m giving a speech about Brexit on 10th October, and then mentoring some of the students on 11th October to help them get going on some projects about EU politics they’ll be running alongside their studies.


The image in this post is Creative Commons Licensed – Lüneburg by Jan Buchenberger on July 16, 2015

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