Phone in a squareMy connection with politics is like some kind of bad addiction. It hurts a hell of a lot most of the time, but you get some highs out of it from time to time. The last week has been one of those highs, and it’s even better as it’s an internet politics project –

So what’s so cool? Well, first of all this effort is really nuts-and-bolts stuff – it’s Jan and I (with 6 or 8 friends sending us stuff), using web hosting I already have, a €20 .eu domain name, a €25 phone line, and some open source software. It started over a lunch a few weeks ago, the site was online 10 days ago, and we have 19 bloggers already having written about our efforts, and 376 members in the Facebook group. Set that against the amount of resources behind a site like the 112 Alliance or Open Parliament and I don’t think we’re doing too badly.

Plus with all of these things you teach yourself something new… Today I’ve been looking at and setting up a 3StarsNet Nomadic VOIP number (+32 (0)2 888 7978) and experimenting with Garageband for the first time to mix a voicemail message. Excellent stuff, and available to anyone with a bit of strategic nous and the ability to use a computer.

We’ve got plenty more ideas in the pipeline for so I reckon the high might carry on a bit longer…

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  1. Then there might be some old-fashioned posts out there, like two of mine (I think), where I have commented on aspects of the campaign.

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