Gordon BrownRight, so that’s it then. Blair’s time is over. There was plenty of sancimonious stuff in his resignation speech, and religious references too. All a bit sick-inducing. But the really excellent bit was this:
“There is only one government since 1945 that can say all of the following: more jobs, fewer unemployed, better health and education results, lower crime and economic growth in every quarter. Only one government, this one.”
That, after all, is what this government has really been about. I’ll never forget 1997 watching the count at the Newport Centre, seeing Arthur Scargill have a whinge about Alan Howarth while on TV Tory after Tory fell, Twigg’s beaming face the story of the night.

So we have 7 weeks or so for Labour to get its act together. I feel more up-beat about the end of the Blair era than I had expected. It’s like a weight off everyone’s shoulders, a time to move on. Gordon will be odds-on to be leader, with Harriet as the Deputy, all being well (although there will be more of a fight on that one). It will be a fun and interesting time.

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