I have been nominated to be a member of World Economic Forum’s Europe Policy Group for the period between August 2017 and January 2018. A list of the members of the group can be found here (PDF). The group contains some people I know quite well like Ulrike GuérotKatarzyna Pisarska and Alberto Alemanno, and others who I would very seldom ever encounter – like Joseph Muscat (Prime Minister of Malta) and Niall Ferguson. I’m somewhat overawed to be nominated to something so grand!

The 70-odd members of the Europe Policy Group have been split up into five themes – and I am in the one with the focus on Democracy and Governance. The first meeting of these groups is at the end of September in Milan, with the process to try to come up with workable and radical ideas in time for WEF’s annual meeting in Davos in January. Background about the process can be found here, and there’s also a process to involve youth organisations that is outlined here.

As the process advances I will do my best to blog about it, and also draw on ideas from people who follow me on social media. I’m pretty sure I have only been nominated thanks to my online communication work about the EU, so I better practice what I preach!


The image in this post is Creative Commons Licensed – Jon Worth by World Economic Forum

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  1. Tim Coldwell

    The light colored cotton jacket gives you a suitable professorial appearance . Goes well at WEF. I used to wear same in 80s.

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