‘Well, he would say that wouldn’t he’ will surely be the reaction (if anyone does bother reacting) to Nick Clegg’s article in today’s Independent about the state of British democracy. But just read it. British politics is archaic, out of touch, and badly in need of reform (as I’ve previously argued), and Clegg has some reasonable ideas about how to fix things. The stats on elections and voting, and the part about fiscal responsibility is particularly interesting. I sadly fear neither of the two main parties is going to listen to any of this, but credit to Clegg for a coherent and principled approach.


  1. Robert El-Cid,

    Clegg’s position over the desired public referendum for the Euro Constitution, alias Lisbon Treaty, says much about his lack of political vision as well as the absence of acumen and discernment within his Party in respect of public attitudes and opinion. Everything I read about the Libs is reminiscent of a small inept political faction whose vision is completely self-serving. The sooner the next general election wipes them off the scrabble board – the better.

  2. “That is the record of a system in crisis, in which the legislature dances to the tune of the executive. It is a spineless abdication of scrutiny and accountability at the heart of our Government. The mother of all Parliaments has become the eunuch of all Parliaments.”

    Quite, with 80% of the law made in Brussels….

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