Mac boxesThere are going to be a few changes here at this blog over the coming few weeks as, from a professional point of view, 2009 promises to be a year of major changes.

I’ll be starting a Limited Company in the web design business together with a number of others (final details tbc) and hence the more tech-orientated posts that would have appeared here will instead appear on the blog of the company website.

This means that the focus of the Euroblog will be more narrow – about EU politics and travel mostly. Those tend to be the posts that generate most interest anyway.

Beyond that the Photoblog was an interesting experiment but I don’t take enough photos any more to justify its existence. So it will close shortly.

I will however be adding a section to the site that’s about sport, dealing with my training for inline skate marathons in 2009.

Plus the site design needs a bit of improvement (it has as it is for 2 years now) and there will be the move to a new server too.


  1. Good luck Jon. I too am venturing out more in 2009 and will be interested in any future opportunities to collaborate if you’re interested.

  2. Jon,

    Good luck to you in your new venture(s) and a happy new year 2009!

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