Fischer Boel2 more European Commissioners – Janez Potocnik and Mariann Fischer Boel – have jumped on the blogging band-waggon. There’s also a blog by Toivo Klaar, the head of the Commission Delegation in Estonia. But it’s in Estonian, so I have no idea whether it’s any good! Sadly neither of the Commissioners’ blogs yet comes close to the quality of Margot Wallström’s blog, either in terms of content or design. In fact the layout of Fischer Boel’s blog is really shockingly bad – the Commission could have done better using Blogger! Anyway, I hope the blogs improve. I have a lot of time for Potočnik – I think he’s a very decent guy – so I’ll keep an eye on what he writes. As I’ve written before, I’m not sure how much good very governmental style blogs can actually do – there’s a danger they can become a little stale.

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