Miracles on streets

While walking along the streets of Walworth in South London you see plenty of interesting things. Yesterday some bizarre street signs caught my attention while walking with Helena to a friend’s party at Oval. First we came across a religious institution in a considerable state of disrepair, but with the promise of ‘Clubland’ at the rear (top-left picture above) – is this some combination of Christianity and dance music?

Just a few metres further there was an equally bizarre sign (top right picture) – a billboard encouraging people to visit the region of Campania – ‘A Land As Clear As Daylight‘. Eugh! What a horrible slogan. While there are undoubtedly very many pleasant things in the south of Italy, things are not all clean and clear in the nature the slogan would suggest.

Last but not least, when returning home, the sign of the Camberwell Christian Centre caught our attention as they also promise to perform miracles – yet only between certain times. Maybe the people that wrote the Campania slogan had paid them a visit?

(Sorry for the poor quality pics – my mobile phone camera doesn’t like taking pictures in the dark)


  1. I’m not really a native as such, but I have been living in Walworth for the last 8 months or so. What would you like to know?

  2. Jan Burden

    So, are you a native of Walworth? The place has featured heavily within my family tree, so I would love to know how much of the old place still exists.

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