Female readers of this blog, forgive me. This entry is directed at men. Perhaps men behaving this way have also posed a problem for female readers? But anyway I digress. To the point: men’s legs and wha’s between them.

What is it about men that makes them sit in positions with their knees so far apart, crotch of their trousers visible to the world? It implies some sort of macho masculinity, so well hung it needs space and all of that. Completely unnecessary as far as I’m concerned.

I happened to spend 90 minutes sat next to such an individual, resplendent with his heavy gold chain for added oomph, in an economy flight this week, his knees jutting into the rather limited legroom in front of my own seat.

So men, try this little experiment wherever you are sat reading this blog entry. Put both feet flat on the floor and sit with your knees absolutely touching. Not pleasant eh? Now increase the space between your knees to 10cm. Not perfect. But 20cm, fine. The distance outside of left knee to outside of right knee should be not much wider than then width of your behind in this position – no discomfort to you, and no discomfort or unpleasant macho posture having an impact (practical or otherwise) on those around you.


  1. @Justin – I wrote this on Friday and uploaded it today! Not sure there are any blog topics from the wedding… Photos will be available soon though.

    @Margarita – I think you said in a more direct manner what I was thinking!

  2. Margarita

    I can’t stand when men swing their legs. I don’t know if that feels good or they are just providing additional air flow (sort of AC) for their most precious jewels, but I find it disgusting.

  3. Justin

    Nice to see that our wedding didn’t provide any more suitable blog topics! Of course, you can always avoid the problem of a lack of space by flying business class 😉

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